The Bivouac: start-up booster follows us during our development

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le 26 January 2017

MyBus rejoint le Bivouac

MyBus joins the Bivouac

Labialized FrenchTech, the Bivouac accompanies the start-ups in the domain of digital technologies in Auvergne. The program is the following: exchanges, workshops, coaching, support but also opportunities of partnership.

During the summer 2016, the bivouac launched its first call for projects “Boost Mobilitech”. The purpose is to propose the development of services and uses as well as the development of innovative technologies for tomorrow’s mobility.

MyBus is part of the candidates for the call to projects.

At the end of September, a first selection takes place. MyBus and 10 other start-ups are selected to participate in a selection seminary in October in Clermont-Ferrand.

During the seminary, MyBus was supported by a coach from the Bivouac to help in order to define a strategy. Very promising exchanges were formed with the present partners during the event. We particularly think about Michelin, Orange, Limagain, La Poste and the SMTC (Union of Public Transports) of Clermont-Ferrand.

At the end of this seminary, 4 start-ups were awarded.

MyBus wins its place within the other start-up of the Bivouac. Moreover, a place to the CES Las Vegas is won as well as a place for the final of the BigBooster competition in Lyon.