EcoMotion, the return

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le 30 May 2017

ecomotion 2017 in Tel Aviv

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On May 18, in a magnificent conference room opened to the refreshing sea breeze, the fifth annual EcoMotion conference took place in Tel Aviv. The international event brought together 1 500 guests to discuss digitalization of Smart Cities. EcoMotion allowed MyBus to collaborate with a global community of mobility experts. Among these exchanges are those of the integration of technologies in the user’s everyday life.

The main themes of the 2017 conference were: drones and aviation, collaborative and shared mobility, energy, urban mobility, and autonomous and connected mobility.

the team at ecomotion

Israel, a “startup nation”

Israel, which in the past was an isolated market, has been opening up to the world for 5 years now thanks to the initiative EcoMotion and the Israel Institute for Innovation according to Director, Dr Jonathan Menuhin. The country invests heavily in research and development, particularly in the military sector. These technological advances contribute to the development of innovations in security and environmental analysis. The Israeli company Mobileye, which was present at the show, is a great figure of autonomous driving. With anti-collision and driving assistance systems, it was bought for 15 billion dollars by Intel in March 2017. It is an inspirational success story for the start-ups present at the event.

Isreali startups follow two philosophies: “go global” and “go fast”. Thess philosophies focus on being open-minded, dynamic, and following initiative. MyBus strives to follow these same philosophies.

At the conference, France was represented by major French mobility players.

interview mybus ecomotion

The MyBus experience at EcoMotion

Back from Tel Aviv, Frédéric Pacotten Co-founder of MyBus, told us about his experience. ”Today the digital age has removed borders, it is in this global village that MyBus must assert itself by exchanging with other digital and innovation actors. It is by crossing our experiences with other actors, that we generate new models and that we will reinvent mobility together. Thus, MyBus is considering extending the m-Ticket technology for other uses.”

“EcoMotion has allowed us to discover the trends ahead, to keep us informed of the latest advances in our field and especially to fill the inspiration with the will to always improve our concept.”

:Finally, because it’s by confronting the “outside world” that one measures the correctness of his choices, remember “I never lose, I win or I learn.”

It was an incredible experience.