26th Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public

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le 6 October 2017

 26th Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public in Marseille is :

160 exhibitors
14 000 m2 of exhibition space
6000 participants
Decision makers and qualified visitors
90 journalists, more than 300 media impacts
Preview showing

The conference consists the best innovations presented by more than 160 exhibitors representing public transportation, railway, road network and active mobility. After a record attendance in Lyon for the “RNTP” 2015, this year’s conference will be held in Marseille-Chanot with professionals ready to compare their point of view and discover new innovations.

And for MyBus?

The MyBus application has its place at stand S8 at the 26ème Rencontre Nationales du Transport Public. This innovative startup, rapidly expanding in the urban mobility field, offers bus schedules, a real-time route planner, and a digital ticket solution. The RNTP conference is a phenomenal opportunity for MyBus to grow to meet users’ expectations of the City of Tomorrow with support from local authorities, and transport operators.

How to propose a sustainable mobility offer in France?

“Facing new challenges, the transport organization authorities and operators want to work for a quality of service, preserve financing, and insure a viable economic model for public transportation. The territories, innovations and competition are needed to meet travelers’ practices and behaviors.”

Nathalie Cardeillhac, press release 14 march 2017

One more reason for MyBus to take place as a leading actor of e-transport during this event! The “m-Ticket” solution proposes a 100 % smartphone based ticket. Rather than betting on heavy technologies with infrastructures and maintenance costs, users carry the necessary technology in their hands. As the MyBus platform intends on saving local governments money, we are ready to push our network beyond the existing 6 cities which have already embraced our technology.

Simple and extremely useful, this application will continue to exponentially grow in users and occupy an important place among startups supporting sustainable mobility.