Movin’On 2017 : MyBus’s experience

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le 6 July 2017

Movin'On 2017

A Canadian edition success!

Movin’On, the international summit on Sustainable Mobility, hosted more than 4 000 participants during its 5th annual conference. MyBus attended along with other major players in mobility.

Jean Dominique Sénard, Michelin’s Chairman and CEO, and the Mayor of Montreal opened the 2017 conference together: an event focused on sustainability and performance. “We refuse to choose between security and energy efficiency. Offered products must be complete without compromise” promised Jean Dominique Sénard.

“In Montreal, climate change is believed to exist. In Montreal, we build bridges, not walls” Denis Coderre, member of the House of Commons of Canada.

Movin'On 2017 in Montreal

Movin’On highlighted current controversial solutions related to mobility, such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and fuel cells, which startups are trying to implement and manage.

MyBus confirms its ambitions for 2018

At the event, MyBus had the opportunity to meet international players and initiate the first stages of our development across the Atlantic. The MyBus team was able to determine the market timing of its digital ticketing solution.

Frédéric PACOTTE, co-founder of MyBus presented MyBus’ solutions under the marquee of FAURECIA Garage for the Movin’On startup pitch. To the question “Do you have any competitors?”, Frédéric answered “They exist, but they propose a global solution. MyBus develops a specific app for each city.” 

“It’s not an easy exercise,” he smiled afterward. But we have to get accustomed to what will become our daily life. We want to continue our development in France but also abroad, especially with online ticketing”. (*)

The app is already present in fifty cities in France, offering bus scheduling assistance and has just signed its first contracts to offer the “m-Ticket” solution.

Pitch MyBus MovinOn 2017

(*) Excerpt from the article of LA MONTAGNE: “MovinOn: the start-up of Clermont-Ferrand MyBus is moving to higher speed in Montreal”.