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le 21 February 2017

MyBus chez FrenchWeb

This article follows upon an interview of Frederic Pacotte, Co-founder of MyBus.

On February 15th 2017, FrenchWeb published a video realized in partnership with the Bivouac, accelerator of start-up. The editorial staff wrote a beautiful article and we want to share it here with you. It deals with our dematerialized travel ticket solution: the m-Ticket, as well as our registration in the call to projects “Boost Mobilitech”. The Bivouac launched this call to projects in June 2016. “The innovation magazine” concluded with a wink to our stay in Las Vegas for the CES 2017.

Below, you can view Frederic’s video where he was pleased to participate to a Question & Answer. This video has already been shared 188 times on the social networks as we write this article, only one week after its release. That’s the magic of FrenchWeb.

We also take the opportunity to greet the work of this media since all the MyBus team has subscribed for several years to the famous newsletter dedicated to the current events of the French and foreign start-ups.

Let’s hope that other articles dedicated to our start-up will be added to FrenchWeb 🙂

The Interview :