Vegas Vegas baby ! An award for MyBus at the CES 2018

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le 26 October 2017

Rumors are confirmed, MyBus team will take place to the Las Vegas CES from January 9th to January 12th !!

The CES, what is it?

The Consumer Electronics Show: this is the biggest international convention where new consumer technologies are unveiled. Over the past 50 years, the show has become the most important event for tech firms. Major companies such as Nintendo, Sony Ericsson, and Apple came to the event showing and sharing their latest innovations before they were world renown. More recently, Withing presented its connected watch, and Tinder received attention for its non VR helmet.
Companies are organized into categories such as “Mobility”, “VR” or even “Smart Cities”, the category in which MyBus will shine.

Paris CES Unveiled, full scale-test.

Before making an appearance on the world stage, French firms began festivities with the Paris CES Unveiled. This year, more than 70 Start-ups and french companies took place in the event. This event takes the form of a contest where “Innovation Awards” are given.

How does it happen?

For each category a jury is present. The jury reviews the different files of the companies and gives a grade according to several criteria such as engineering, design or the ingenuity of the product. In order to aim for an “Innovation Award”, the product must exceed a minimum grade fixed by the event organizer, the CTA (Consumer Technology Association). In its class, “Smart Cities”, the jury was clearly charmed by MyBus’ innovation and gave to the Start-up an “Honoree Innovation Award”!

MyBus joined the exclusive group of companies who received an award this year, allowing the Auvergnate Startup to increase its notoriety. This has been and will continue to be a a source of motivation for the MyBus team. 

To be continued in Vegas…

See yaaaaaa !!!