MyBus experiments its solution in Arles

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le 3 October 2018

MyBus in Arles

On October 1st, MyBus will deploy its solution on the agglomeration of Arles. An opportunity for the start-up to present its application that facilitates travel by public transport.

The Envia network and digital transformation

Located between Nîmes and Marseille, the agglomeration of Arles has a network of 8 lines, managed by Transdev and the Envia company. Since the beginning of September 2018, the Arlésiens have been able to apprehend the new digital services set up on the network. These services meet the needs of users, especially among young people. But, they also would like to reduce environmental borrowing.

In this way, people from Arles can now use the Envia website to view schedules or renew subscriptions. This is not the only news, because digitalization rhymes with dematerialization. So, MyBus was chosen to give users the opportunity to travel with their smartphones.

Ambassadors chosen to experiment with MyBus

Transdev recruited ambassadors to experiment new digital services, including MyBus. Ambassadors will try the dematerialized transport tickets (m-Ticket). They will be able to scan QR codes located outside and inside the buses to validate their titles and travel the entire network.

Arles would become the first agglomeration of the PACA region to adopt MyBus. This official deployment could take place at the beginning of November. In parallel, the agglomeration of Carpentras is also being experimented with the application. MyBus therefore has new prospects for development in the region.