MyBus extends to the Vichy network !

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le 19 October 2018

The deployment of MyBus continues in Auvergne with Vichy agglomeration. From Monday, October 22nd, the MyBus application will allow the inhabitants of the spa town to buy their tickets on their smartphone.

Vichy and the Mobivie network

8 lines make up the Mobivie network and serve the agglomeration of Vichy as well as the communes of Cusset, Creuzier-le-Vieux, Bellerive-sur-Allier, Hauterive and Abrest. Managed by Vichy Communauté and Transdev Vichy, the network offers several types of tickets. Initially, only single tickets will be available for purchase on the app. Subscriptions and other tickets will be available very quickly.

MyBus available in Vichy

The beginning of a new way of moving

MyBus therefore offers users of public transport in Vichy agglomeration a new way to travel more easily. All they need is a smartphone to buy and validate their tickets. A good way for users to get access to their bus faster, but also for drivers and controllers to lose less time during the checking. Indeed, to validate his ticket, a user must simply scan a QR-Code with his smartphone. Validation is therefore simple and fast. It does not require any installation of equipment in the transport network.

With this establishment in the Allier, MyBus continues its regional expansion with the aim of gaining the confidence of all the agglomerations in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.