MyBus in Nice for Innovative City 2017

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le 4 July 2017

innovative city 2017

Innovative City, the event of the innovative territories

July 5, 2017, will mark the opening of Innovative City, a startup conference in Nice focused on sustainable city development. MyBus, a mobile application which facilitates urban mobility in public transportation, will present its solutions.

More than 3000 participants coming from around the world are expected to attend the 6th annual conference with the 2017 slogan “where innovation means new models”.

Innovative City addresses municipalities and local governments looking to evolve towards a sustainable and connected future. More than 100 companies and startups exhibitors will introduce their solutions. 16 startups, including MyBus, were selected to participate in the Pitch Fight Innovation Challenge.

The event facilitates business meetings between public and private decision-makers, elected representatives, local authorities, companies, startups and many others. It’s another opportunity for MyBus to meet important market players.

The Smart City at the heart of the exhibition

The Innovative City event will cover the challenges associated with an increasing population and urban development. Participants will share their ideas on new innovations to best serve cities and ecosystems.

The MyBus application is at the heart of urban mobility and directly answers Smart City demands. MyBus’ digital ticket solution is also a universal solution to make use of public transportation easier and more sustainable.m-Ticket MyBus

During these 2 days of conferences, a wide range of subjects will be discussed: smart data, collaborative economy, urban planning, sustainable neighborhoods, gentle mobility, internet of things, … These constructive discussions are promising to MyBus.