MyBus, the application N°1 in France user information for public transport

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le 2 November 2018

And 100!

Widely committed on the deployment of innovative mobility services for the benefit of users. MyBus is now the only user information service that covers 100 public transport networks in France. Thanks in particular to our collaboration with, the French start-up is above the international actors which look at this smart mobility’s major challenge.

100 networks

Find the 100 networks that appear in the application and find out if yours is one of them.
If it is not the case, you can vote for your network and MyBus will add it as soon as possible!

Information is only the first step of the traveler’s cycle

After easy access to traveler information, the next step is the access to public transport use. The smartphone is the new media that will allow this opening, acclaimed by more than 90% of users (1).
But technological choices and the standards are not yet established. So MyBus provide an open and universal solution to networks.

Tomorrow, MyBus: application N°1 in France of the transport ticket on smartphone

The m-Ticket MyBus is now working on various networks where it is a great success such as in Clermont-Ferrand.

MyBus is a universal solution because it chooses innovative technologies based on their ability to be implemented today. In fact, it represents a solution compatible with 100% of smartphones.
MyBus is a ready-to-use solution because it deploys in few days. Indeed, no materials is installed in the vehicles, and that means no initial investment, no maintenance costs.

5 features for travelers

Time guide

The time guide
MyBus provides you with the transit timetable in your city and the interactive map of the network.


The m-Ticket
No more paper tickets, no more waiting at the station: MyBus integrates the dematerialized transport ticket. To validate it, you need to flash a QR-Code affixed on or in the vehicles. All smartphones are equipped with cameras, the method is accessible, simple and fast.

The route calculation
MyBus calculates for you the shortest route to your destination. All you have to do is enter the address you want to go and you will get several suggestions for trips: the shortest, the fastest…

Real time
MyBus is updated in real time to inform you of the upcoming passages on your transport lines.


Community sharing
Users have collaborative features for a better use of their public transport network.


(1) Source : Accenture study described by La Tribune: 92% of public transport users say they are ready to use dematerialized tickets.