MyBus: Time to Market of the ticketing market

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le 4 December 2017

The Smartphone has become an indispensable and universal tool

If there is one thing we can affirm, it’s that nowadays, the Smartphone is practically an indispensable tool that nearly everyone has in their pocket.

Here are some statistics:

⦁ 67% of French people in urban areas use public transportation at least two times per week.
⦁ 92% of public transportation users say they’re ready to use digital ticket.

Smartphones facilitate our daily consumption of goods and services. This trend creates opportunity for the development of mobile applications. Moreover, mobility is one of the first market to be impacted by this digital revolution. Today, it’s easy to buy train or plane ticket with your Smartphone from wherever you are. Even travel by car has been largely disrupted by carsharing platforms and other app-based solutions such as Lyft and Uber.

Where is public transportation in all this?

Take the metro in Lyon, the tram in Clermont-Ferrand, and the bus in Puy-en-Velay accessing digital tickets from a single platform on your Smartphone. Is this possible? It is a challenge for many cities which lack the technological platform to support many ticketing systems. Also, many public transport services are unable float the heavy investments incurred with paying for new infrastructure.

In this context, MyBus works for cities by providing them with a digital ticket solution in form of mobile application. This solution meets users’ needs while at the same time accounting for the constraints of public authorities. The MyBus solution provides traveler information (scheduling, real-time route planning) as well as the ability to buy and validate digital tickets allowing seamless travel on any public transport network.

At the end of November 2017, the start-up went to the Salon des Maires in Paris and Solutrans in Lyon to present its innovative mobile application for public transit.
These two shows provided rich exchanges and meetings. The Salon des Maires allowed MyBus to make important contacts with public authorities who are essential players in the deployment of the application. At Solutrans Frédéric Pacotte, co-founder of MyBus, was able to showcase the features of the mobile application to transport experts during a pitch organized by the FrenchTech of Clermont-Ferrand.

MyBus is a universal service, free, and ready to use:

  •  It’s a universal solution, because 100% of smartphones are equipped with a camera. MyBus uses QR codes placed at the access doors of the bus. Users validate their tickets by scanning QR code through the MyBus application.
  • It’s a free solution given users smartphones are used as relay for the technology rather than new equipment. The solution is offered with no initial Investment and no maintenance costs to both users and authorities.
  • It’s ready-to-use in that deployment can be incorporated within a matter of weeks, while traditional solutions may take a matter of months or even years.
    Our bus schedule solution has been deployed in about fifty cities in France. After a year of experimentation and field observation, MyBus launched the m-Ticket solution (mobile ticketing). For this innovation, the start-up found its first customers in summer 2017 and will work with a dozen partner transport networks in early 2018.

Which economic model does MyBus use?

The business model is simple: a commission levied on the tariff revenues generated. MyBus is positioned as a depository, in the same way the tobacco-press around the corner can also sell bus tickets and subscriptions. There is no extra cost for the user!

MyBus flies to Las Vegas in January 2018

The Auvergne start-up has just received an “Innovation Award” from the CES Las Vegas in the “smart cities” category.
Only 7 companies worldwide have this same distinction. Equally remarkable is the fact that “smart cities” is the central theme of this coming CES. It’s clear MyBus is arriving in the market at the perfect time. The time has come to revolutionize public transport. This is the ambition of MyBus.