MyBus is going around the world…

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le 5 November 2017

France 3 report on CES and MyBus

… Said Charline COLLET, November 3, 2017 in the 19/20 of France 3 Auvergne, We wish all the best to the startup MyBus. This world trip will obviously be done by bus.

A worldwide recognized distinction

MyBus recently won an Innovation Award in the “Smart Cities” category awarded by the CES Las Vegas. The main theme of the CES 2018 is Smart City; an important theme which will allow MyBus to shine. Meanwhile, in France, the mobile application MyBus, is getting media coverage and public attention.

It’s definitely a simple concept

The report produced by France 3 is an excellent demonstration of the suitability of MyBus with the users’ expectations of public transportation networks. It’s a free mobile application, with QR Code stickers stuck on transport vehicles to offer a universal digital ticket solution. (Because all smartphones know how to interpret a QR Code).

International sucess of MyBus

An easy service to set up

Vehicles do not have onboard hardware so there is no initial investment and no maintenance costs. Fortunately, the implementation is very fast and effective. That is the ready-to-use MyBus formula.

A win/win/win approach

  • A win for users who buy their tickets at the same rate, at any time and anywhere. Users can even transfer tickets to each other (eg: parents to their children).
  • A win for cities that improve the use of their transport network, without additional cost. Moreover, MyBus’ m-Ticket does not replace existing ticketing or ticketing facilities but complements them.
  • A win for MyBus who gets paid for ticket sales as a traditional depositary agent.

Watch the report and review in the 19/20 of the 11/03/2017 on France 3 Auvergne

MyBus CEO Frederic Pacotte