One more price for MyBus

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le 13 February 2018

Launched 15 years ago, the CCI Haute Loire trophies become a tradition. The event brings together year after year a very large number of people and local actors. The goal is to honor the companies that are part of their dynamism and development make the wealth of the local economy. This 2018 vintage did not break the rule with 10 awarded companies.

On February 1 of this year, nearly 700 people gathered at the Palais des Congrès in Vals-près-Le-Puy to attend this 15th ceremony. On the program, pitchs, award ceremony and show.


Digital price for MyBus

Nine categories were put forward this 1st of February: Trade, Services, Digital, Tourism, International, Innovation, Industrial and Sustainable Development. A special award has also been discerned to Michelin for its 40 years of existence.

After the Honoree Award from CES 2018 Las Vegas, this is the digital price that MyBus has won. This price rewarding its mobile app and the desire to change things in terms of mobility and accessibility to transportation.