Traveling with your Smartphone in Roanne with MyBus

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le 12 April 2018

Roannais Agglomération and the Transdev Roanne Star network presented the dematerialized transport ticket on Tuesday, April 10th. The presentation of MyBus was made in the presence of Yves Nicolin, President of Roannais Agglomération and Mayor of Roanne, Jean-Luc Chervin, vice-president for transport, Richard Gautier, director of the Star and Frédéric Pacotte, co-founder of MyBus.

Thanks to the MyBus application and the emergence of Web 3.0, the Star offers to the Roannais a new users experience. In addition to offering the “m-Ticket”, MyBus also provides traveler information and a community sharing feature.

The story began on October 11, 2017, during the 26th National Meeting of Public Transportation in Marseille. This is where the representatives of the Star network of Roanne crossed the road of those of MyBus.

A meeting full of promises for Roanne and MyBus 

After some exchanges, a first meeting took place on December 5th on the TUDIP network in Le Puy-en-Velay. Through MyBus, Roanne met the Director of the Régie du Puy-en-Velay, Dominique Malaval. The objective is to see how the application works on a network that has already implemented it.

Seduced, Roanne then decided to launch an experiment in their city to see the receptivity of the local population for the MyBus mobile application.

To do so, the Star network selects about fifty people to test the application. In addition, they opt for a free transport ticket allowing all users of the network to make an opinion. By relying on word of mouth, they gave even more importance to the testers to create the buzz.

The success of the experiment!

On January 22, 2018, the 50 testers are ready to use the application. The experimental ticket is launched and is accessible to all for 3 weeks. In the space of 2 weeks, the number of users increases from 40% and more than 400 titles are validated during this period. All agree that this operation is a success even before the end of the test!

At the Salon du Numérique on February 1, 2018, Yves Nicolin and Frédéric Pacotte, put together the positive results of the experimentation of the MyBus application.