Vivatech 2018, MyBus and Orange, a experiment in Africa?

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le 21 May 2018

Vivatech 2018 Orange with MyBus

For the second year in a row, MyBus will exhibite to Vivatech 2018 in Paris, on the Orange booth : J09-026. The rich and varied program will take place over three days. May 24th and 25th will be dedicated to professionals. To conclude, May 26th will be a special day opened to everyone.

MyBus offers a simple, universal, free and ready-to-use m-Ticket solution that allows users to get rid of the physical transport ticket. This solution requires no investment from Cities. Only a simple QR-code, affixed on the transport area is necessary.

The frugal and disruptive innovation of MyBus’s solution, coupled with Orange’s presence in Africa, would quickly capture the m-ticketing market in most capitals of the African continent.

African innovation at the heart of the Vivatech 2018 themes.

Represented for the first time, Africa enters to the AfricTech space with 100 startups. In this context, the development of the African continent will be at the heart of the Vivatech 2018.

This year, the development of Africa and the Middle East interests Orange. That’s why, Orange has built a challenge around innovation and digital issues for them. MyBus, an application for urban transport, will be one of the solutions that addresses these issues.

MyBus and the m-Ticket: an opportunity for Africa and the Middle East.

As specified in the challenge of Orange on the subject of mobility in MEA (Middle East Africa), the rate of individuals’ equipment in smartphones could represent a solution to the needs in Africa and the Middle East.

Indeed, according to the Ericsson study on mobility in 2015, the use of the smartphone in June 2016 increased by 50% against barely 30% in 2014 and 12% in 2013. Still according to this same study, the African mobile market is about 7% of the global market today. Nevertheless, by the year 2020, 80% of the additional phone subscriptions will come from the MEA.

Mobility tends to be more and more inclusive for both African and Middle East population. Facilitating users’ lives in public transportation in Africa would be a real opportunity for people and for MyBus. More than just an application, MyBus would be a true player of the smart mobility thanks to its m-Ticket and traveler information.