A specific application for beeMob network in Béziers

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le 11 January 2019

MyBus beeMob Béziers

From January 7th, MyBus will adopt the colors of the Béziers beeMob network on a specific application.

MyBus in Beziers

The MyBus beeMob application allows access to transit timetables for the entire network. A route calculation feature also allows you to know the fastest or shortest way to get from point A to point B. MyBus is the application that facilitates access to the network hourly information. It can also allow users to share information about their transport conditions via the Community Sharing feature.

For the Béziers public transport network, MyBus is changing its colors! It becomes blue and green to take on the colors of the bee that represents beeMob.

Béziers beeMob

An evolution of MyBus beeMob planned in 2019

And that’s not all, in early April, the network will also propose the sale of m-Ticket on the MyBus beeMob application. This is the dematerialized transport ticket already offered by MyBus on some fifteen networks in France. To validate its title, nothing more simple: you just have to flash a QR-Code at the ascent in the vehicle. No more paper tickets, the ticket is now in the smartphone.

In the second half of the year, the network is also considering adding real-time functionality. It will allow to see live where the buses are on the network map and whether it is early or late.

This is MyBus’s first collaboration with transport operator Vectalia. This is a very good opportunity that MyBus hopes to expand on other networks in France and abroad.

To download it, it’s here :



On Androïd, available on the Google Play Store



On iOS, available on the App Store