The m-Ticket: our alternative to standard travel tickets

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le 12 May 2017

m-Ticket MyBus

The m-Ticket and its advantages

Today, smartphones are essential at least to the 60% of France’s population who have one. Internet users are being replaced by mobile-internet users. Joining the Smart City transformation, MyBus integrates public transportation with the users’ smartphone. MyBus has connected public transportation routes, along with real-time bus information within its app. This solution can be adapted to any network on any type of infrastructure.

Our app isn’t only a bus schedule and a route planner but it also provides a digital ticket solution. MyBus allows you to purchase your electronic ticket on your mobile phone, eliminating any need to wait in a ticket line.

What is the m-Ticket ?

It’s the possibility for you to have instant bus ticket access straight from your smartphone. Users even validate their ticket directly on their smartphone using QR Code technology. With our integrated QR Code reader, the user just has to open our app and scan one of the QR Code present in and out of the bus. It saves time and material.

m-Ticket MyBus

Do you want to test MyBus in your city ?

Our approach is simple. Our team presents you the app and sets up a test in association with the transport operator of your city. If our collective results are satisfying, we can consider that MyBus is ready to be developed on the whole network of the urban area. The implementation is very simple and completely free for the operator.

MyBus gives cities the opportunity to innovate and provide their citizens and visitors with an improved travel experience.

We adapt our model to fit existing city networks. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.