MyBus available in Arles

par dans

le 5 November 2018

After a successful experiment in October, Arles chooses to trust MyBus to deploy its solution across the entire transportation network thanks to Trandev Envia. Arlesians can therefore buy their tickets on their smartphone today.

MyBus, an innovative solution

MyBus is a free application, available on IOS and Androïd, which makes public transport easy to take. 5 features help simplify user journeys: traveler informations, the m-Ticket, the route planner, the community sharing and the real-time. It is also a lightweight solution with no installation or maintenance cost for the public transport networks. 1st application in France on traveler information, it is the only one to offer access to the timetable of 100 networks.

The m-Ticket, a dematerialized transport ticket, only requires the Smartphone’s camera. No more paper tickets, you just have to scan a QR-Code to validate its title. And thanks to this technology, transport networks obtain validation statistics that allow them to optimize their offer.

Satisfied expériementation

Thirty users were able to try the application and m-Ticket MyBus on the Arles network, Envia. The opportunity for them to discover the simplicity and speed of validation that allow QR-Codes placed outside and inside buses.
Today, several tickets are available for purchase on the application: single tickets, 10 trip book, day pass, 3 day pass as well as monthly and annual public subscriptions.

This digitization wanted by the company Envia, allows MyBus to extend its solution on an additional network. With an experimentation at Carpentras, the start-up has great prospects for the development in the PACA region.