MyBus extends to the Mont-de-Marsan network

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le 7 January 2019

MyBus in Mont-de-Marsan

After a successful experimentation in 2018, MyBus is now available in the Mont-de-Marsan agglomeration. Now, it will be possible to buy tickets directly on the app. To validate its title, nothing more simple: scan the QR-Code affixed inside and outside the bus. This is the concept of the application: the dematerialization of tickets to facilitate public transport use.

Everything began with a successful experimentation in Mont-de-Marsan

In 2018, MyBus began experimenting the application in Mont-de-Marsan on the Tma network. Thus, a panel of users were able to discover the dematerialized transport ticket. The simplicity of the solution and the implementation’s speed seduced Trandev Marsan and Mont-de-Marsan agglomeration. Only QR codes placed outside and inside of the buses make it possible to purchase the MyBus solution.

MyBus well represented in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Transport users in Nouvelle-Aquitaine can already experiment interoperability. Indeed, on the same application MyBus, it is possible to take his ticket in the Pays Basque, Arcachon, on the Hendaye-Bayonne intercity line and now Mont-de-Marsan. This is an encouragement for the Start-up which has already become the #1 application for traveler information in France.

[Install the app for free from Apple Store and Google Play]