MyBus extends to the Moulins network

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le 4 March 2019

MyBus in Moulins

Aléo, the bus network of Moulins

Since January 7, users of the Aléo bus network can travel to Moulins using their smartphone. The MyBus application allows them to consult bus schedules, purchase their tickets and validate them thanks to QR-Codes placed inside and outside the bus. The application is free and accessible by all smartphones equipped with a camera. The solution is therefore easy to use for users but also quick to set up on a transport network. The QR-Code technology validated with the user’s smartphone allows MyBus to provide a lightweight solution that does not require hardware installation.

An Auvergne digitalization for MyBus

Auvergne is a little more than the middle earth for MyBus! This is the region where everything started because it is in Puy-en-Velay that the application was born. Little by little, MyBus manages to gain the trust of several networks which strengthen its anchoring in its native region. The m-Ticket MyBus is now available on 5 networks in Auvergne: Clermont-Ferrand, Riom, Puy-en-Velay, Vichy and Moulins. An experimentation is also planned at the end of January on the school lines of the department of Allier to further increase the coverage of MyBus in Auvergne.
With the growth of MyBus, the application becomes an indispensable tool for travelers who would like to use it on several networks. For example, if people from Moulins would like to go to Vichy or Clermont-Ferrand for the weekend they will be able to purchase his tickets on the same MyBus application. The smartphone will become their only ticket.
[Install the app for free from Apple Store and Google Play]