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le 20 November 2018

MyBus CNews

This is the interview not to be missed! Frédéric Pacotte MyBus’s CEO answers questions from Eric de Riedmatten on CNews.

A successful start-up

Today, MyBus is a traveler information solution on 100 networks and m-Ticket on about fifteen networks. And it is far from the end because the start-up plans to grow in the coming months with new networks. For instance, Clermont-Ferrand has already been two months since MyBus application is available on the entire T2C network. The first results are very fulfilling. First users filling is positive and the now the application begins to be known on the city.

MyBus wants to increase its notoriety and convince even more users to travel with its solution. To do so, the start-up has recently implemented a new feature on the application: sponsorship, which allows to validate levels and “scam” points for free tickets.

A working concept

To introduce MyBus, who better than the co-founder? Frédéric Pacotte co-founded MyBus with Franck Raynaud 4 years ago. The idea was born during an observation: difficult to obtain information on the bus schedules in le Puy-en-Velay. The concept of the application is to facilitate the access to this information on the indispensable tool of today and tomorrow: the smartphone. The latter is also commonly used to buy, validate and travel, whether by train, plane or with a private driver. Nonetheless, regarding urban transport, no universal solution exists yet.

4 years later and thanks to the confidence of several networks and agglomerations, MyBus has become the #1 application for traveler information in France. It also provides access to other features such as route planner, community sharing, real-time and the m-Ticket on multiple networks.

The MyBus adventure is just beginning! For those who wish to take the bus on the move, there is still some places in the team…

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