On the road again: MyBus at the CES Las Vegas in the Smart City category!

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le 5 January 2018

Las Vegas, NV — Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — MyBus is waiting for you at the CES 2018 on booth #51047 (Sands, Hall G Eureka Park). After its “Honoree Innovation Awards” in the Smart City category, now is the time to demonstrate!

MyBus in the heart of the Smart City, but why?

Urban and interurban mobility is a societal and environmental issue. By looking more closely at the rate of which individuals are equipped with mobile devices, we can quickly find mobility solutions. Indeed, the smartphone can very well replace the bus, metro or tram ticket.

It is from this fact that MyBus has decided to develop a simple, universal, free and ready-to-use dematerialized transport ticket solution. This solution allows users to get rid of physical transport tickets and payment terminals. On the infrastructure side: a simple QR code stuck on the vehicles is enough. This solution does not require any investment for the City.

Observations are the same for the North American market!

By 2022, contactless transport tickets purchased via smart wearables will exceed $1 billion in value. Mobile will become the leading ticket option for passengers, with 87% of transport agencies in North America currently working on implementing mobile ticketing.

In this context, to anticipate that growing need for better flexibility in public transport. MyBus creates a m-ticketing solution. Thereby, dozens of users  can simultaneously buy a ticket and board in seconds. Passengers simply flash a QR code sticker found on or off the bus.

MyBus aims to remove the hassle of ticket buying including time wasted queuing, ticket loss, wrong fare choice and more… A dozen transport networks have already said yes to MyBus, who intends to carry on its development in France, with a target of 40 transport networks by the end of 2018. Nevertheless, CES Las Vegas is an opportunity for the start-up to show its interest for the North American market.

CES 2018: a busy week for MyBus …

As you can see, the week promises to be sporty for the Smart City mobility app. Indeed, it is on the occasion of CES 2018 that two new features will be presented. On one hand, the PayAsYouGo system, thanks to Mybus’ algorithm, the app chooses the best payment option to reduce commute spending each month. On the other hand, users will be able to contribute and improve travel conditions with community features, creating the “Waze” of public transport.

In addition, MyBus, through its two co-founders Frédéric Pacotte and Franck Raynaud, will be present at business meetings:

  • Sunday 07/01 at 17H00: CES Unveiled
  • Monday 08/01 at 18:00: Startup Night
  • Tuesday 09/01: French Village evening. In the presence of Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Digital.
  • Wednesday 10/01 to 17h30: Meeting Stand Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. In the presence of Juliette Jarry and Annabel André-Laurent, Regional Vice Presidents.

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